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House Cleaning Services

Serving : Winder 30680, Auburn 30011, Bethlehem 30620, Hoschton 30548, Dacula 30019, Braselton 30517, Statham 30666, Monroe 30656

‪(770) 322-4958


About Me:

Hi, I'm Olga and I enjoy cleaning! 😄

I am an independent house cleaner

A bit about myself -
I'm a wife to a wonderful husband,

mom to two beautiful girls,

a mama to three kitties, and a maltipoo puppy that chews everything in site. 😀

Bit of background -
Officially professionally cleaning since age 15, working with my older sister clean offices.

At 16 got my first real job working at a big corporate office building and was responsible for keeping it clean , neat and tidy.

I'm so passionate about cleaning and serving my clients, I constantly upgrade my knowledge and skills investing and researching for best cleaning products, tips and tricks of the trade, to have my customers home sparkling clean!

Being able to work for my self and serve my customers i now have many happy satisfied clients and you can be one of them too.

In a nutshell - 



•Nice & Kind
•Many years of experience and an expert in cleaning products
•Flexible hours/dates. Even available on Saturdays
•Thorough   ( can be extra super detail oriented if needed)  

•You are supporting my small business/family

Please feel free to contact me or fill out the form below

Pricing / Cost

Whatever is fair for you and me
Send me your hourly pay rate offer
  ( online form below)

Call or Text
Olga Logovsky ‪(770) 322-4958

" a clean home, is a happy home!"

Contact Me online.........(I will get back as soon as possible)
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olga's house cleaning services |(770) 322-4958 | Olga Tupchik (owner) | |
1323 Tapp Wood Road, Hoschton, GA    


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